Sheep Health


From our clinics throughout Northern Southland, we service over 400 sheep farming clients ranging from small lifestyle blocks to large stations with more than 40,000 ewes. We pride ourselves on providing all the routine animal services and advice you can expect and strive to be leaders in the fields of sheep health and production. Our sheep team is led by Rochelle and Andrew, whom both have extra training in areas of sheep medicine and/or farm systems to ensure you receive accurate, practical and up-to-date advice you can trust.

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On top of the routine services and advice we also offer the following services/packages to maximise value to our sheep clients:


EweFirst is a package designed by Andrew & Rochelle to help you unlock the potential of your flock and maximise production. It is tailor-made to your farming goals and objectives and involves expert one-on-one advice, consultancy and services at key times of the year. This programme is targeted towards building a close relationship between you and your vet with regular phone contact and an annual consultation covering your animal health plan, production objectives and everything in-between. Discounts are also included for products and services to maximise value for you.

Condition Focus (Body Condition Scoring)

The body condition of your flock has a huge impact on the performance of your business through its effects on reproduction, ewe milk production and animal health amongst others. Condition Focus is a monitoring package which provides an impartial and consistent measurement of your flock’s body condition by an experienced scorer at key times of the year:

  • Weaning
  • Pre-mating
  • Scanning
  • Pre-lambing
Included in this package is the ability to score several mobs at each visit (i.e. MA ewes, 2-tooths & lights) and reports detailing target condition scores and how to achieve them.
If you would just like a one-off condition score by an experienced, impartial assessor we can also do this at your convenience.

Parasite Management Plans & Faecal Egg Counting

Internal parasites are often one of the main factors limiting production on most sheep farms. We have trained experts that are passionate about reducing the impact of parasites on your farm and can design management plans to minimise production loses throughout the year. The cornerstone of parasite management is knowing when to drench and what drench to use on your property. At NSVets we have the equipment and expertise to diagnose worm burdens and determine the effectiveness of your drenches. With faecal egg counting in our clinical laboratory, we can often provide same-day advice regarding the need to drench your stock, providing valuable information to aid your decision making on farm. We also perform full faecal count reduction tests to determine what drenches are working on your property.

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Sheep Health Plans

Keeping on top of all the animal health treatments needed to maximise your flock's productivity and profitability can be tricky. We have vets that can help break this down for you and produce a tailor-made calendar detailing the timing and benefits of individual treatments for your farm. This can then be put in a poster format to help remind you of when treatments are due.

Feed Budgeting Advice

Nutrition and feeding of your stock is the main driver of animal performance. Getting this right can be difficult and is easily complicated by weather extremes and varying stock classes. We have vets with extra training in feed budgeting that are happy to help with this process and can even put together a feed budget for you.

Winter-Woollies Seminars

Each year in July Andrew & Rochelle go on the road to host two informative sessions on topical areas of interest for sheep farmers. These are usually held in Riversdale and Mossburn to make it easy for you to make it along and often include guest expert speakers. Keep an eye open for the dates, time and venue closer to the time on our upcoming seminars page.

Discussion Groups

We currently have one discussion group made up of sheep and beef farmers from throughout the district and facilitated by Andrew. This group meets 10 times per year and covers a range of topics from crop establishment and spray selection to lamb finishing and mineral supplementation. Guest experts are often invited along to ensure topics are answered thoroughly and accurately.

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