September - Grooming Month

September - Grooming Month1 Sep 2021

Keep your pet looking and feeling great - book a groom this month and be in to win your next groom free!

Grooming is more than having a pretty pet, you’re also tackling potential health issues such as skin conditions, foreign bodies such as barley grass, and eye problems. When I discuss regular grooming, I’m not just talking about brushing and bathing, the entire body needs groomed; ears, eyes, feet, and teeth. Eyes and mouth are an important aspect of the grooming routine, when your pet gazes up at you with their adoring eyes you should be able to see shiny and moist-looking eyes clear of hair which can cause redness, irritation and eye conditions.

Clipping the fur away from the mouth will reduce the risk of bad teeth due to food and debris sticking to the fur and will also make for a more pleasant-smelling breath. Spring is time for new growth and that includes puppy’s coat, out with the old fuzzy undercoats and in with the new sleek fur (otherwise known as shedding). Shedding tends to be heaviest in spring, so to avoid feathery fur gathering in the corners of your homestay on top of it with regular grooming.

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