June is Arthritis Month

June is Arthritis Month10 Jun 2019

June is arthritis month at NSVets – bring your dog or cat in for a discounted consultation fee of $30, and if x-rays are needed receive them for the discounted amount of $90. Book your horse in for a Flexion test at our Riversdale or Te Anau clinic any time in June for only $40*. Arthritis results in chronic pain and we can help manage this using a range of tools, making your animals as comfortable as possible in their later years. Ring us today to book in your consult for June.

Arthritis affects 1 in 5 dogs and 1 in 3 cats – could your animal be one of them?
Arthritis is particularly common in large breed dogs, especially in working dogs where animals have had an active life and often have old injuries that can accelerate arthritic change. Cats are often much better at hiding clinical signs of arthritis, so the signs to look out for a more subtle. As winter approaches, the cold weather can make the symptoms worse and more obvious (just like in humans).

Equine Joint Health:
Lameness will likely be a problem for all horse owners at some point. Watch out for early joint problems such as heat, swelling, or lameness. If joint issues are diagnosed and treated in their initial stages, the chance for healing is enhanced and further damage may be avoided.
A great diagnostic tool used to evaluate lameness is the flexion test. Most horse owners will be familiar with the flexion test. It involves bending all the joints in a horse's leg, holding the leg fixed in this flexed position for a period of time and then trotting the horse away. The idea that any trouble brewing in the joints, while not causing lameness during an ordinary trot-up is identified.

Some signs to look out for in dogs:
- Are they slower to get going in the morning?
- Are they reluctant to jump up onto the ute, into the car or to go upstairs?
- Are they stiff or slow after a big day exercising?

Some signs to look out for in cats:
- Is your cat spending more time sleeping?
- Are they hesitant to jump off high things (such as the bed)?
- Do they have trouble grooming, especially around the back and tail?

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