Deer Health


Northern Southland has a proud history of deer farming and NSVets has been involved in deer veterinary work since its inception. Whether it be routine services and advice or services more unique to your farm, we have vets with special interests and vast experience in deer veterinary work.

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On top of the routine services and advice we also offer the following services/packages to maximise value to our deer clients:


Our HindSight package focuses on professional one-on-one advice and services. We build on existing knowledge of your farm so we can tailor the package to suit your needs. Advice is based on an annual on-farm consultation covering business goals, animal health plans, parasite control and reproductive performance. Additional to this, the package covers 3 farm visits per year, your animal health prescription and regular phone consultations to discuss seasonal interventions.

Reproductive Services

We understand that a successful mating is the foundation of good performance in your deer herd. We offer a range of services to assist this and to help you achieve your reproductive potential:

  • Synchrony programmes for artificial insemination
  • Ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis
  • Poor reproductive performance investigations/consultation

Deer running around in paddock


We develvet hundreds of stags annually and perform supervisory and training/accreditation services for those wanting to do their own. We can perform develvetting in the crush with local anaesthetic only or with sedation and local anaesthetic, depending on your facilities.

Deer Health Plans

Keeping on top of all the animal health treatments needed to maximise your herd's productivity and profitability can be tricky. We have vets that can help break this down for you and produce a tailor-made calendar detailing the timing and benefits of individual treatments for your farm. This can then be put in a poster format to help remind you of when treatments are due.

Parasite Management Plans

Internal parasites are often one of the main factors limiting production and can be a real headache on many deer farms. We have trained experts that are passionate about reducing the impact of parasites on your farm and can design management plans to minimise production loses throughout the year.